If I’m moving on …

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… well then obviously I have to move (on) to something else

I’ll try to get it down to the basics

old -> new

Actually that’s wrong, it’s

old -> changed

It might be that I have sussed it (and it is obvious) – didn’t you look at the previous tube explosions and hardly any injuries, and think why there were so many fatalities this time?

And think well FM the tube only travels at 4 or 5 mph and there is no distance between tube stations?

And then think, well FM IB is taking a FoaLT here? WTF? Isn’t it almost as it they’re keeping them there to die?

Well FM, how on earth did that bus have far more dead there? Wasn’t it outside BMA? Don’t you think they can count dead people? There were two dead people and then there were nine or eleven. Can’t they count? I can tell if someone’s dead – basically they don’t move or breathe, later on they go stiff. Don’t you think that the BMA can do that much better than me?

And also – was there people who deserved to saved and people – international revolutionaries, human rights activists, Foulkes who didn’t?  according to the prevalent ideology

ed: There have been many tube explosions with very few injuries. Are you journalists?

2005: You can’t get down here because we’ve got to let these to die …

You can’t come down here journalists, this is our dungeon … where we leave them to die.

We do spread some BS of course, we did that badly …


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