Here’s a list. This list will be expanded

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I may as well make a list :: here’s a list :: tbc

Ian Blair

Tony Blair

Jack Straw

that Scottish cnut John Reid

that fat-arsed Home Secretary Clarke

that blind cnut Blunkett

Jacqui Smith – well she definitely bought into it

a little later: Shall we just go for New Labour because they did have responsibility as collaborates – under UK law they are jointly responsible

well actually – under UK law, the Cabinet is equally responsible … which may suggest …..

I was making a list …

Is John Reid on there?

Is Jack Straw on there?

Is that one with such a ridiculously fat arse that he should be so ashamed on there? He’s got an arse the size of a bus.

and it looks like I’ve missed so many of these cnuts who ganged up on me   …


New Labour is good indicator, if they’re New Labour …

Reid again.

er ::

Mirrors are fantastically powerful. My mirror magnifies. My mirror magnifies and concentrates evil back at Reid.

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