DRAFT: message notions … Isn’t difficult to make a Chrismas message? … what would your’s be?

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I’d like to do a seasonal message, but

I hate to be

I hate Christmas, everyone turns their brains off and go into their imbecile-consumer-alt-reality. Is it a different consciousness – oh sorry, that’s your one.

Anyway, the message will have to address global reality – that’s normal

I’m going to heavy on suffering, the recent CIA report, rectal feeding, inhumanity, debasement

I’m thinking that it cant be done in my / our name.

IT is so depraved, inhumane. So depraved, how on earth? That is so disgusting that there is no way that it can be defended. Blair, Straw, David Miliband.

Do some research CIA torture report should do it

ed: A democratic society would pursue criminals – war criminals or criminals against humanity – through the courts according to the laws that are.


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