If I say this …

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If I say this
If I say that
I don’t care no more
For that m*r*o*ch twat

a slightly later edit:
You’re going to have to move on from that absolute so ridiculous I am an Antipodean Multi-National Ageing racist **** who totally dominates your politics.

Anyone get it?

It’s very easy. You say where are your taxes? How can you publish a newspaper without paying any taxes? etc

As well as that you say a big FO in every possible way

I wonder if it’s possible to totally take away everything for an elderly Antipodean racist tax-evader. I think that it’s possible.

That opinionated useless cnut. Please disagree …

Do you want a point? The point is that you should stand up to bully cnuts as I have


We need a word for someone who manages to – it’s stronger than distribute because it’s deliberate – distribute his total bullshit – globalisation?

I would stress to nation-states that it is not mandatory to accept this shit. It actually appears as though you volunteer

I would suggest that you otherwise assert and promote your independence. I’m sorry, we do not take part in your manufactured terrorism narrative. We recognise that your terrorism is nonsense prepared for television to keep your people scared. For example,0 that Hebdo one in France was absolute total shit.

Who could believe that Hebdo shit in France? Wasn’t it so obvious? OK. I am suggesting to nation-states to have nothing to do with this absolute nonsense. We have to consider new world orders …

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