So Dizzy, So Dizzy Deep

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I’ve been having a big Joan Jett appreciation thing lately. And then comes bad poetry … It’s free and it would be a huge honour to be inspiration to real, feeling musicians

I’m so dizzy

So dizzy, dizzy deep

Want to sail away

Leave it all behind

See what I will find

It’s all so surreal

Can’t believe a thing on TV

Not a single world on TV news

It’s so surreal

All so unreal

Want to sail away

I may very well fail

Washed up,


Beached on a far-away reef

No grief

‘Cos I’ll sail

With the power of the wind

The Sun and the Moon

I’ll do it

I’ll do it well


Dwy’i eisiau hwylio

Hwylio, hwylio, hwylio

a wedyn

hwylio mwy

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