I watched that Panorama program about Sellafield last night :: This is draft

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I got the impression that the people supposedly in charge were far too relaxed and too fast to excuse anything and everything, that the people in charge of Sellafield were not taking it all seriously.

Isn’t that the impression you got? Oh radioactive half life of Plutonium Pu-239 of 24,100 years. We’ll just put it in this pond here, forget and ignore it and let seagulls

I got the impression that they had no idea about anything – that they were totally inept. they were treating it like it was nothing. Oh yes, no need to worry that we have got this serious radioactive waste which we have ignored for the past 60 years. There’s no need to worry about that we put it in water in these concrete ponds that are falling to bits.

ed: Sellafield is a nuclear waste shithole


Sellafield needs urgent inspections. Please get in there urgently. International, EU inspectors?

ed: I intend to do an article on the Radioactive Pollution of Irish Sea which is largely due to Sellafield.

16/9/16: it has been announced that Theresa May’s Conservative government are going for Sellafield C in partnership with EDF and China.

I intend to further investigate and publish on Sellafield’s irrsponsible and fantastically negligent actions of pollution of the Irish Sea and their ridiculous shite pools.

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  1. DHas

    You got the impression did you?
    I’m glad you now an expert from a 1 hour ‘documentary’.
    Maybe you should go an speak to the local engineering community in west Cumbria and you can get an idea of the amount of expertise that really goes into that site.
    There are issues yes. This is a legacy facility and some bad decisions have been made, but everyone in the world is learning a lot and acting on it.

    1. dizzy

      Apologies for the delay in approving your comment.

      > I’m glad you now an expert from a 1 hour ‘documentary’.

      I read Walt Patterson’s ‘Nuclear Power’ many decades ago.

      This article’s pretty carp. Try this one instead The shocking state of the Sellafield nuclear shitehole

      It’s a shitehole and the workers there have a reputation for setting off radiation alerts when they enter other nuclear sites.

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