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Looks like I should start campaigning against Keir Vissarionovich Starmer and his Stalinist Blue Labour party. Looks like the best election result I could hope for would be a hung parliament so that the smaller parties with green policies will have power.

6/3/22 Since the election of Keir Starmer as the leader of the Labour Party – and arguably before but definitely since – the Labour Party is not a democratic party having abandoned party rules, principles and policies to the benefit of the right-wing of the party.

If you vote Labour, then you are voting for dictatorship.

6/3/22 20.27

7/3/22 1.25am Went to a Wetherspoons pub tonight. No nuts, dark rum or brandy, that’s pretty crap Tim.

Your wi-fi was crap too. I had taken a new device but prompted and expected to login over http, not https. I recognised that it was crap and unwilling to take such a dangerous step because I know what it means. Being a pub, it’s probably worse not having any nuts, dark rum or brandy. It’s not really a pub then, is it?

[11/3/22: Was there again last night Tim. The forty-niner is off. It’s got that nasty sweet taste where fruit flies have got in or the lines have never been cleaned. It looks the wrong colour too, clear but like a strong orange tint. I shouldn’t need to tell you this really, you should make sure that it’s good. Shame I can’t afford a real pub.]

Back to Keith being crap

Oh, sorry been to the pub, forgot about making the postscripts blue. That’s magick that is ;) Shall I make it really skimple? “with love”. I can do that because I’m a magickian ;)

Back to Keith Stalin. The Skwawkbox is probably the best source that documents Keith’s Stalinism. As I said earlier, if you vote Labout you’re voting for dictatorship.

Cor, I had a wierd week. A local bully set his dog on me Tuesday in the park and we were fighting. I was ill with an upper respiratory tract infection (like a cold but actually a swollen neck causing cold symptoms) and NHS 111 were really crap, should be 5417 or 7175 or something instead. I’ve got it recorded thi scunt trying to rebuke me for not registering with a GP. The point is that I had registered and deregistered because GPs are cnuts. I am not registered with a GP practice because they are abusive shits.

Then on Friday a cabbie smacked mirrors with me and tried to claim that I had damaged his car so the mirrors didn’t tuck in any more. Did my mirror smack his mirror or his mirror smack my mirror? If his mirrors don’t tuck in any more, why does the left one not tuck in? Is his car just an old car like Blair’s one with the knackered gearbox?

Yes, I know Keith Stalin Fascist Shit. I haven’t smoked for five days.

2.37 Why you waiting for me? It’s all at skwawkbox.


03.45 Goodmorning

FBU demands ‘national recall conference’ over ‘escalating crisis’ of free speech and democracy in Starmer’s Labour

Starmer’s war on the left escalates still further as officers of at least SIX more CLPs suspend[ed]

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