Just Stop Oil (and a bit of Beltane threat)

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[1/11/22 Apologies, it’s not Beltane at all. Samhain. I write some of my best stuff when I’m drunk but you do get the occasional massive blooper. Well, perhaps one ;) The rest is correct and stands.]

I was protesting with Just Stop Oil today in the Westminster area of London. I wasn’t involved with the earlier more radical Just Stop Oil actions and have yet to catch up with what happened tbh. I participated in marches along Whithall, around Parliament Square and along Victoria Street. What I saw was the on Victoria Street was a heavy police presence that respected the right to protest and acted appropriately. Three people were arrested there, we’ll see. I wasn’t arrested and quite glad that I wasn’t tbh. I was very impressed with the way Just Stop Oil facilitated the protest.

I’m making some progress with the Coming soon, why are governments not taking any action. I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s about public (private) scholing. There are two issues here – that public school teaches rich, privileged pupils that they can ignore reality and secondly that they will not be held responsible for their actions.

So public school shits ignoring reality means that they can ignore the reality of climate change. I was pleased to have the open mike at Victoria Street and said that the reality of climate change is that we have experienced climate change with 40 degree temperatures in UK although we have had it very easy so far compared to the rest of the World. I also said that all adults have a responsibility to future generations.

On the second point about not being held responsible for their actions, the time for action is now. I have got a particularly grusome vision of holding men responsible for their actions for destroying our World. UK has a particular grusome history of nasty torture/killing but I think that I might do better.

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