Mayor of London Sadiq Khan condems Just Stop Oil, presents a climate change speech in Buenos Aires and claims credit for dispatching Liz Truss

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Mayor of London Sidiq Khan condems Just Stop Oil

Just Stop Oil didn’t delay us getting to M20 crash, says ambulance service

Right-wing papers were wrong to claim climate activists on the Dartford Crossing delayed paramedics responding to a fatal crash, the ambulance service has said.

The Sun and the Daily Mail accused two Just Stop Oil protesters who shut down the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge for two days from Monday 17 October of preventing ambulances from quickly responding to an incident on the M20 in which two women died.

Both papers reported that disruption caused by the protest meant ambulances were delayed in arriving at the scene.

But that claim has now been rubbished by the South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Sadiq Khan insists world leaders ‘meet words with deeds’ at climate change speech in Buenos Aires… after he and his team racked up 361,146 air miles lecturing the world on going GREEN

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan – who is under-fire for he and his team’s estimated 360,000 airmiles – has told eco-conference delegates to ‘redouble their efforts’.

Mayor Khan, 52, talking at the C40 World Mayors Summit in Buenos Aires told the audience more needed to be done.

He went on to confuse delegates bizarrely claiming credit for the ousting of Liz Truss as PM.

He then paused for applause but was forced to shrug as only a handful of people clapped.

Mr Khan added: ‘I’ve heard the news that my political opponent, the Conservative Prime Minister of the UK, has resigned.

‘Had I know that organising this summit could lead to the resignation of the UK prime minister, I’d have organised this sooner.’

I can assure you that Sadiq Khan was NOT responsible for dispatching short-lived UK prime minister Liz Truss since I know who was responsible. I most definately do not make such a bizarre claim.

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