You may hate Just Stop Oil protestors – but history books will look kindly on them

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‘You are entitled to hate me’: Just Stop Oil activist cries after halting traffic on M25

Nicola Thorp

They’re one of the most controversial groups of 2022 and there has barely been a day in the last couple of months when Just Stop Oil haven’t made the news.

If their campaign’s objective is to grab our attention, it has been a resounding success, with stunts like throwing cake on a waxwork of King Charles, spraying paint on an Aston Martin garage and disrupting traffic on the M25 motorway grabbing headlines. 

If their goal is to win over hearts and minds, then they might not be deemed quite as successful – at least for now.

Regardless of how climate change activists are viewed at present, I have no doubt that history will look kindly on them.

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