Activists block private jet terminals around the world to protest ‘super rich mega polluters’

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Activists and scientists got on the runway to protest private jets at Malpensa Private Airport in Italy.   –  Copyright  Stay Grounded Network

Climate scientists have blocked private jet terminals around the world today in protest of ‘luxury emissions’.

London Luton Airport, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and Bromma Airport in Stockholm are among those being disrupted by activists from Scientist Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Stay Grounded.

It follows actions against private jets in Brussels and Seville yesterday, and one in Los Angeles on 11 February, with more protests expected in the coming months.

“It is time to ban private jets and tax frequent flyers to the ground”, says NASA climate scientist Dr Peter Kalmus from Scientist Rebellion.

“We cannot allow the rich to sacrifice our present and future in the pursuit of their luxury lifestyles.”

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