Two in three Britons want new political party to take on Tories and Labour (and a comment by dizzy)

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61% want ‘completely new type of political party’, survey finds as pessimism hits record high

Almost two in three voters want a new political party to take on the Conservatives and Labour, a shock new study of trust in politics has found.

Britain is increasingly pessimistic, distrustful of government and disdainful of politicians, according to Edelman’s annual trust barometer poll.

Three-quarters of people (75 per cent) said they thought the UK was heading in the wrong direction – a record figure since the survey started in 2001.

And 61 per cent agreed that the UK “needs a completely new type of political party to compete with the Conservatives and Labour for power”.

Just 23 per cent of people said they felt close to the Tories, down four points since 2022, compared with 29 per cent saying the same about Labour, an increase of six points.

However, the Trust Barometer also found widespread “disdain” for politicians, with trust in government at its lowest level since 2016 at just 27 per cent.

Comment by dizzy: Please let me explain a few points about contemporary UK politics. The UK population is exhausted with the abhorrent and abysmal behaviour of politicians since and of course including Thatcher really. The UK Conservative Party (the Tories) are hated after their repeated worse than useless prime ministers. It appears that the Labour party are popular only because the Tories are so unpopular. Turnout at the next general election (probably Sept / Oct 2024) is likely to be depressed so that votes achieve more. If you can’t get off your ass to save the planet at least make sure that you’re registered and have photo ID to vote at the next general election.

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