Starmer’s war on the Labour left is class war

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Starmer, image stolen from da web

dizzy: An article discussing how Starmer is the other cheek on the Capitalist arse ;) I have no idea how such actions would be received, I hope that Corbyn seriously considers defecting to the Green Party.

Starmer’s war on the Labour left is class war

LABOUR’S national executive (NEC) is due to consider a motion in Keir Starmer’s name on Tuesday confirming that Jeremy Corbyn will not be endorsed as a candidate for the party at the next election.

Nobody will be surprised at this long-trailed development.

From Corbyn’s first, unjustifiable, suspension from the party in autumn 2020 and Starmer’s subsequent refusal to restore the whip once his membership status was reaffirmed by the NEC, the left has responded hesitantly and incoherently.

It is impossible — as union leaders frequently point out — to address the the crisis in the NHS, the rigged energy market or the causes of disputes from mail to rail without looking at the longer-term causes in privatisation, marketisation and outsourcing.

Corbyn is being exorcised for having demonstrated how popular these solutions are.

If our movement is serious about changing this country and the rotten deal it forces on workers, Starmer’s attacks on Corbyn are not an unfortunate aside. They are part of the class war being waged against us.

Starmer’s war on the Labour left is class war

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