Breaking News: Apo-zealots report that Just Stop Oil ‘eco-zealots’ arrested on the Mall

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Daily Mail Apo-zealots* are reporting that Just Stop Oil are getting arrested presumably for existing.

  • Apocalypse-zealots

10.03 correction aco to apo


Sky news understands more than a dozen Just Stop Oil protesters are being arrested ahead of their plans to go over the barrier on the Mall.

10.23am From Just Stop Oil:

Around 20 supporters of Just Stop Oil have been arrested for wearing Just Stop Oil t-shirts at the coronation. Just Stop Oil is demanding no new licences or consents for any fossil fuel projects in the UK.

At around 9:30am, during this morning’s coronation celebrations, around 20 supporters were arrested wearing Just Stop Oil t-shirts. No disruptive action was planned, the supporters were not intending to jump the barrier, merely reveal their t-shirts and hold flags emblazoned with ‘Just Stop Oil.’ 

This morning also saw the arrests of members of the group Republic, who campaign for an elected head of state to replace the monarch, who were arrested for wearing yellow t-shirts that featured the slogan ‘not my king.’ 

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said:

“What a dystopian nightmare this country has become. While we gather to celebrate putting a billionaire in a sparkly hat; this week the government enacted draconian legislation effectively banning legitimate dissent in this country. As this morning’s events demonstrate, we are living in an authoritarian police state.” 

“As the world looks on in horror, the government brings in laws that would make a dictator blush. The British people’s fundamental democratic right to march and make our voices heard, has been stripped from us. This affects every one of us, regardless of our political persuasion.”

“Our government is signing the death warrants of hundreds of millions. Our democracy has been stolen by a corrupt, criminal cabal and if the local election results are anything to go by, the people of this country have had enough. Our government has been bought by the fossil fuel lobby and now they’re busy funnelling taxpayers’ money into companies that are making record profits and jailing anyone with the temerity to complain about it.”

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