Another incompetent profiteering train operator is brought back under public control

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Unions reiterate calls to renationalise railways after TransPennine Express joins London North Eastern Railway, Northern, and Southeastern

THE government’s rail privatisation fiasco hit the buffers again today as yet another failed, profiteering operator was dumped and its operations taken under public control.

TransPennine Express (TPE) pocketed millions of pounds in taxpayer subsidies even as it cancelled one in six of its timetabled services leaving thousands of frustrated passengers stuck on platforms.

Almost a quarter of Britain’s rail services are now back under public control after failing miserably in the hands of privateers.

TransPennine, which is owned by First Group and operates coast to coast in northern England, joins London North Eastern Railway, Northern, and Southeastern services under public control.

ScotRail and Transport for Wales are run by the Scottish and Welsh governments.

Unions reiterated their calls for renationalisation of the whole rail network.

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