Crowdfunder to make Farage’s new ‘Brexit has failed’ slogan famous smashes target within days

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The fabulous folk at Led By Donkeys have pulled out another corker of a campaign… this time focused on Nigel Farage’s extraordinary admittance that Brexit has been a flop. 

Appearing on BBC Newsnight this week, the former UKIP leader, who played a leading role in Britain’s exit from the EU, admitted that Brexit has failed. Presenter Victoria Derbyshire informed Farage of a recent poll that showed around one in five Leave voters regret their decision.

Led By Donkeys, which established in December 2018 as an anti-Brexit group, and have since been vocal critics of the actions of the Conservative government, are urging people to chip in to raise money to get ‘Brexit has failed’ Nigel Farage billboards erected across the UK. For every £10,000 raised, they can get 20 billboard sites installed.

Unsurprisingly, within just a few days, the campaign smashed its £75,000 target.

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