Climate protest news 14 April 2022 / 1

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Just Stop Oil activists clamber on tanker bringing chaos to the M4

Just Stop Oil activists stopped and surrounded an oil tanker on Thursday morning causing chaos for commuters coming into London on the M4.

It came as Extinction Rebellion accused the Metropolitan Police of carrying out pre-dawn raids on activists engaged in “non-violent” action across the capital over recent days.

A small group of five eco-warriors caught up to an Eddie Stobart fuel transporter lorry at the Chiswick roundabout about 8.30am on Thursday.

There were reports the group had disabled the truck’s brakes before activists clambered on top and glued themselves in position.

No stopping Just Stop Oil

An oil firm has secured a High Court injunction aimed at stopping environmental protesters from targeting its fuel processing sites.

Valero Energy, which operates Pembroke refinery in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, and six fuel terminals across the UK, was granted the injunction against a number of environmental groups and “persons unknown” earlier this week.

But the judge refused to widen the injunction to include blocking, endangering, slowing down, preventing, or obstructing the free passage of traffic on the access roads, and refusing to leave the roads when asked by police.

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