Call yourself an (A)narchist?

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Well, I think that so-called Anarchists are very crap. They believe 9/11 and 7/7 bullshit for a start.

Call yourself an (A)narchist and believe Corporatist BS? You are so Fing crap.

Do also swallow wholesale the whole terrrism shit? You’re fecking useless.

Hey, it’s all fashion for you, No?

Anarchists. Punk fashion. FO.

later edit: It’s so ridiculous that this  absolute, total nonsense is accepted by you. Don’t you realise that it’s BS for mongs? Yes, I know that it’s not politically correct. Are you a mong?

King El! Can you think for yourself? Can you think for yourself?

A bearded one with a laptop in a cave in Afghanistan? C’mon get real.

It was controlled in the United States. It was done from within US.


With assistance from Bliar’s UK …

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