Terrorism BS must be recognised and exposed as Fascism

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This is what I am proposing:

The Terrorism narrative is excessively exaggerated and is intended to control people through fear to support an authoritarian right-wing agenda. It is further intended to scare people to support a right-wing agenda that supports a particular right-wing Fascist state.

ed: Real Socialists should make this point loud and clear. It is so ridiculously ridiculous. People are scared by this ridiculous BS when there is probably more danger walking on the pavement but definitely riding a bike. That’s not even starting on it being total Fascist BS cr**.

ed: Socialist(?) Are you? C’mon.

ed: While I’m here. UK population haven’t had anyone to vote for. I’m being polite. Please start taking it seriously. Burnham, Falconer? You were elected as a Socialist FFS.

later: do leader of the opposition get spads? flat there, so many arguments, salary & xpenses.

later later: On second thoughts. It’s very easy. You don’t need a spad to be a Socialist. I’m being polite again. lll: thinking about it, to be YS, YGGYST.

llll: and to think that we campaigned together all those yers ago. I’ve got some issues from then – with cnuts at the time – that need to be resolved. Issues like being persecuted.

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