Apocalypse-zealots report that woman was arrested for sitting next to Just Stop Oil activists

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Apocalypse-zealots the Daily Mail are reporting that Royal superfan Alice Chambers was arrested – presumably by accident – after sitting next to Just Stop Oil activists. I’m sorry but I find this story very amusing, talk about guilt by association.

The architect, 36, said she had no idea she was sitting beside the environmental activists as they had not yet begun their planned protest.

As police swarmed on the group at 9am on Saturday, Ms Chambers found herself being handcuffed too.

She was repeatedly quizzed, physically searched, locked in a cell and officers took her mugshot, fingerprints and DNA in a 13-hour ordeal.

It wasn’t until she was interviewed by two senior officers at 7pm that police finally realised they had made a mistake and that she was an innocent bystander.

She was finally released at around 10pm from Wandsworth police station after breaking down in tears. 

I wonder if she got the cell with shit on the wall, a blanket full of scabies and a cup of tea and pubes treatment. I’ve been arrested a few times although the police are not anywhere near as nasty to me as they used to be.

ed: I think that I got discordant noise the last time that I was arrested (might have been the time before), many years ago now. I understand that discordant noise is military-grade torture.

later ed: The memories are coming back. I was arrested at Wandsworth police station once. It was a New Year’s Eve and I was arrested because the insane girlfriend I had at the time refused to pay for a black cab. I was put in a cage in a dog van with a barking police dog in the next cage. A fat policeman sat on me and very nearly killed me through suffocation.

So I do find it amusing that someone totally innocent had it.

8.10am 12/5/23

  1. It’s not amusing that somebody is arrested and abused.
  2. I don’t accept that she was arrested by accident. The police know who people are. It might be a message to architects, a joke about her being red-haired.
  3. The discordant music [22/5/23 noise not music] was when I was arrested at the 888 event. I was arrested by soldiers pretending to be police at that event. It’s likely that they were special ops from Hereford since 888 was a special ops event.
  4. I know why I was abused by police at Wandsworth police station and put into a d-o-g van. [ed: and many people have been killed for that reason, I’ve documented it elsewhere.]

9.30am 12/5/23

I can’t find the 888 post, I wonder if it was on the blog at a different host and not transferred over somehow. My blog at my previous host was also ‘hacked’ and posts were lost. That seems to have happened to me a few times for some reason i.e. first and second host.

888 was an event at Baldwin St, Bristol. From memory the date would have been something close to 8 August 2006 hence why I’m calling it 888. The story goes that somebody entered a Nationwide? building society branch demanding money and claiming to have a bomb in a bag. I was intending to pass this location and changed course at the last moment. I was arrested later by soldiers pretending to be policemen at this event.

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