Climate crisis reality check

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26 Nov 22: There is an updated post here

You are welcome to disagree with any point although I contend that it is clear.

The climate is fekked. We’ve witnessed extreme weather events on every continent. The climate is fekked because governments worldwide refused to act and instead facilitated rich people – as corporate entities or individuals – fekking it.

Big oil has known for decades that it was fekking the planet and continued regardless.

Thousand of people have already died due to the climate getting destroyed by rich people and governments and thousands more will die. Governments are still failing to accept reality and address the climate crisis. Some have started to in small measure.

People should be held to account for their actions and inactions. People are likely to get killed over it whether legally i.e through a legally sanctioned death penalty, or not.

The US has historically had and the UK repeatedly has and continues to elect political leaders who are incompetent through imbecility.

We are going to suffer extreme food shortages due to the climate being fekked.

Everything is blamed on Russia. Ukraine is not the only place that grows food. Harvests throughout Europe have / will fail.

We should try to make sure that politicians responsible for fekking the climate and planet are not re-elected.

I’m sorry to say that it’s clearly going to get worse.

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JSO, FPA, PJP protest London 23 July 2022. My pic, free to use.

I’ve not long got back from the Just Stop Oil, Fuel Poverty Action, Peace and Justice Project protest in London.

Coming soon a rethink by me of how to campaign effectively. Our planet is burning and it’s clear that the Paris Agreement goals were seriously wrong. The World’s climate is fekked now never mind 1.5C rise and there is no action from governments other than accelerating the destruction of out beautiful World. Please feel free to contribute and comment once it’s published.

ed: Forgot to say that I argued with Piers Corbyn while I was there.


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