Last Generation disrupt German and Austrian cities

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There are difficulties keeping abreast of Last Generation / Letzte Generation activities in Germany since they are often reported only in the German language. I’ve used online translation for this article but it certainly appears that Last Generation are very active at the moment.

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Activists glued themselves to the Autobahn

The south-east tangent (A23) was blocked by climate activists of the “last generation” on Monday morning. Both directions of travel were affected by the action. Traffic collapsed at times.

There were protests in a total of six places today, 40 people were involved in the protests, according to “Last Generation”. “The first blockades began today at half past seven in the morning, we were at Altmannsdorfer Ast until ten to nine,” said “Last Generation” spokesman David Sonnenbaum.

It’s about “reminding the government of its legal obligation to protect the population,” continued “Last Generation” spokesman Florian Wagner. The climate activists drove to the southeast tangent in vehicles. There they got out and glued themselves.

The A23 was blocked, activists stuck to it.

Last generation Austria
Early traffic in Vienna was at a standstill at times

The result of the action was the temporary closure of the A23 at the Absberg tunnel not far from the roundabout. Commuters had to dodge the S1 over a large area. Also on the S1 it jammed later. “We have always assigned police officers just in case,” police spokesman Markus Dittrich told More than 20 arrests were made.

Previously, there had already been no progress in either direction on the A23 to Vösendorf or the Prater junction. The west entrance was also a traffic jam hotspot. The police reported blockades at Altmannsdorfer Ast, at Schönbrunn Palace and at Schüttelstrasse. According to Radio Vienna Traffic Information, there were severe delays in early traffic.

“The richest are ruining our future”

“The richest are ruining our future,” read one of the activists’ banners. An indication that in Austria the emissions of the richest percent of the population have increased by a whopping 45 percent since 1990, while the majority of the population today cause less CO2, according to the “Last Generation”. On Tuesday, the activists will announce further planned protests.

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Germany: Climate activists block 26 cities

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Last Generation protest at 26 German cities 14 July 2023.
Last Generation protest at 26 German cities 14 July 2023.

Climate activists from the “Last Generation” group blocked traffic in several places in Berlin – and masked themselves as politicians to attract more attention. Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa

Dozens of activists from the climate group “Last Generation” blocked the streets in several large cities in Germany on Friday – to the displeasure of motorists. In Nuremberg, the activists deliberately opposed a municipal decree that explicitly forbids such sticking actions.

Climate activists of the “last generation” obstructed car traffic in several German cities on Friday with adhesive campaigns. According to the protest group, at least 36 sit-ins took place in 26 cities across Germany.

According to their own statements, the activists in Berlin began the blockade actions at 8:00 a.m. In sight: several large “main traffic arteries”, for example at the Victory Column and near the main train station.


Some activists wore masks of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) and Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) in front of their faces during their actions. They stretched banners with the inscription “We are breaking the law”.

allegation against the government

According to the information, the actions were directed against the federal government, which the group accused of breaking the climate protection law. “The federal government is breaking the law and leading our society to collapse,” said spokeswoman Carla Rochel. “It is our democratic duty to resist peacefully.”

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According to the police, there were traffic delays and diversions in dozens of cities. In Potsdam, activists stuck to a bridge. In some cases, people prevented the activists from sticking around, for example in Recklinghausen in North Rhine-Westphalia. One activist was slightly injured. There were other adhesive protests in Dresden, Leipzig and Koblenz, among others.

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Last Generation activists pose as politicians to block roads

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Masked climate activists blocked traffic in Berlin, claiming the government has broken the law. The group defended protests a day earlier that blocked airport runways.

Last Generation protest 14 July 2023
The protesters claim the government is breaking the law and not acting fast enough on climate change Image: picture alliance/dpa

Activists from Germany’s Last Generation climate protest group protested at one of Berlin’s most iconic intersections during the morning rush hour on Friday, with other actions planned across the city and the rest of Germany.

The campaigners, who claim the government has broken its own laws on climate change, wore masks depicting senior politicians.

Further actions across the capital were planned on Friday, including one at Berlin’s main train station. Police also said protesters had blocked traffic near Germany’s Reichstag parliament building and the Brandenburg Gate.

Last Generation said 36 sit-ins were planned Friday in 26 cities across Germany.

A day earlier, protesters attached themselves to runways at Hamburg and Düsseldorf airports — prompting calls for tough penalties against activists. In May, large-scale raids targeted members of the group. 

However, Last Generation spokeswoman Lina Johnsen said the protests were out of necessity because the government had been breaking its own rules.

“It is the responsibility of politicians to protect what we need for life. And they are knowingly not doing that by continuing to break their own climate protection goals,” said Johnsen.

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Climate activists block runways at two German airports

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Police officers and security personnel stand on the airfield and try to detach activists of the group Last Generation who have stuck themselves to the asphalt in the airport area, in Duesseldorf, Germany, July 13, 2023
Police officers and security personnel stand on the airfield and try to detach activists of the group Last Generation who have stuck themselves to the asphalt in the airport area, in Duesseldorf, Germany, July 13, 2023

CLIMATE activists blocked a runway at Hamburg airport early today, causing numerous flights to be cancelled on the first day of the school holidays in the north German city.

The group Last Generation said several of its members entered the grounds of Hamburg airport in the early morning and glued themselves to the runway.

Members of the group also cut through a security fence at Dusseldorf airport and blocked an access route to the runway.

In a statement, the group accused the German government of lacking a strategy to tackle the climate crisis and called for immediate measures to cut emissions in the transport sector, including ending tax exemptions for airline kerosene.

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German authorities conduct series of raids to investigate climate activists

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Police officers carry a cardboard box to a vehicle during a raid in Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

GERMAN authorities raided 15 properties across the country and seized assets in an investigation into the financing of protests by the Last Generation climate activist group, prosecutors said today.

Munich prosecutors said they were investigating seven people on suspicion of forming or supporting a criminal organisation.

They launched the inquiry following numerous criminal complaints they received since mid-2022.

Members of Last Generation have repeatedly blocked roads across Germany in an effort to press the government to take more drastic action against climate change.

In recent weeks, they have brought the traffic to a halt on an almost daily basis in Berlin, glueing themselves to busy intersections and highways.

Over the past year, they have also targeted various artworks and exhibits.

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