Easter message

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Image of a Great White Shark
Image of a Great White Shark

UK Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Big One‘ starts on 21 April.

There has been less activism over recent years which is often attributed to lockdown. I wonder whether it’s more to do with Corbyn i.e. it’s almost as if all those people who were supporting Corbyn and pursuing a better World have learned learned helplessness. It’s great that so many people supported Corbyn proving that there is a real demand for Socialism in UK. Please appreciate that it’s more than any one person and it’s more than one attempt – if you believe in something do it until you win.

And so we are back to the normal situation in UK – that we have a Tory as leader of the Labour Party so that Socialists ideals and policies are denied expression. It’s worse that that really – since the ruling class got scared shitless that we could have a Socialist government Starmer has done his bestest to kill the left forever and Socialists in the Labour Party are taking it.

Fight until you win.

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