Labour bans NEC members from meeting with Forde

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Original article republished from the Skwawkbox for non-Commercial use.

Elected representatives told they can’t meet with barrister commissioned to investigate leaked Labour report – who has said party is not tackling racism and treats other forms as less important than supposed antisemitism

As Skwawkbox reported last week, Martin Forde KC has gone public on the Starmer regime’s lack of response to his report – commissioned originally as part of Keir Starmer’s ‘long grass’ tactics after the leak of a party report exposing widespread racism, fraud and sabotage by Labour right-wingers but one that inconveniently confirmed the leaked report’s accuracy and the endemic racism of the Labour right.

Labour has tried to claim that its national executive (NEC) is engaging with the report and to persuade us that everything is in hand as it should be, with the unsurprising collusion of right-wing NEC members. But the nonsense of this claim has been exposed by one of the elected left-wing members still on the NEC, who revealed that the NEC members supposed to be addressing Forde’s report and his recommendations has been blocked from meeting him:

Black Labour MP Dawn Butler confirmed that this refusal to allow a meeting has nothing to do with Forde’s availability or willingness to meet:

The Starmer regime’s whitewash of the deep-rooted and unchecked racism of its faction continues – eagerly aided and abetted by its media allies, who have resolutely ignored every revelation of the Labour right’s racism, war on democracy and the sabotage of the Corbyn leadership, despite the recent and detailed ‘Labour Files’ documentary series by Al Jazeera.

Original article republished from the Skwawkbox for non-Commercial use.

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