Too late to save environment, says Green Party co-founder

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One of the founders of what would become the Green Party of England and Wales has declared “it’s too late” to save the environment.

Michael Benfield, who helped set up the new political movement in the 1970s, said he believed the “battle for the world’s environmental survival” was “at this moment, lost”.

Speaking at an event to mark the party’s 50th anniversary, Mr Benfield told the BBC he had become “somewhat of a doomsayer” about efforts to protect the environment.

In a speech to the gathering, Green MP Caroline Lucas, warned: “We don’t have another 50 years.”

She said: “We are living through maybe one of the most consequential decades of human history, which I appreciate is a very big thing to say.

“The climate and nature crises are more critical than ever, and it feels to me that what falls upon the shoulders of the Green Party is a most extraordinary responsibility but an awesome opportunity as well.”

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