Just Stop Oil disrupt traffic to demand an end to new oil and gas

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Image: Just Stop Oil

Just Stop Oil supporters have stopped traffic on key routes in Central London today to demand that the government halts all new oil and gas licences and consents.

At 8:00am, around 15 Just Stop Oil supporters wearing hi-vis vests walked onto the road at Bricklayers Arms roundabout in South London and proceeded to march slowly along the Old Kent Road,  causing delays to rush hour traffic.  The march continued through South London, followed by at least 3 police vehicles and up to 10 police officers.

A further march followed at Bank junction in the City.

Sam Griffiths, 47, a Dad and designer from London said:   

“I feel sick seeing how little is happening to address climate breakdown, the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. And our Government is actively making things worse. Granting over 100 new oil licences is indefensible and goes against everything that science says we need to do.    

“I started actively supporting Just Stop Oil after we had 40°C in the UK for the first time in recorded history. It scared the shit out of me. I looked at my boy and realised I couldn’t just continue to do nothing. 

“I’m sick of the weasel words of our politicians. Fake crying at COP then getting back home to sign more oil deals. It’s disgusting and will kill everything we love… if we let it happen. I’m no longer prepared to just stand by and watch.” 

Image: Just Stop Oil

Margaret Reid, 51, a former museum professional from Kendal who recently spent 7 weeks in prison for taking action with Just Stop Oil said:

“We are in a climate emergency right now. We no longer have the luxury of delay and indecision – that time is over. Against all humanity, morality and basic common sense, the government and the fossil fuel industry are taking actions that will continue to destroy us. They’ve been doing it for decades. So now, here, in 2022, we have to stand up for our own futures – and we have to take our own immediate action to stop them. 

“The climate crisis will affect all of us and it will destroy all our futures so, like it or not we’re all in this together.  We need to act right now, to act decisively and to act together.  We have so little time left, I am willing to try anything that might work.”

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