Nigel Farage turns attention to right-wing capture of National Trust

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Flytipped rubbish. Image: Graham Robson, CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Flytipped rubbish. Image: Graham Robson, CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Restore Trust has a new list of candidates for the upcoming council elections and, this time, they’ve been endorsed by Nigel Farage.

Arch Brexiteer Nigel Farage has a new target in his sights: The National Trust. The former UKIP leader has now thrown his weight behind a renewed attempt by anti-woke activists to capture the Trust, which owns more than 1,300 farms, 775 miles of coastline and 250,000 hectares of land, making it Britain’s largest private landowner.

In October 2021, the charity and membership organisation for heritage conservation warned of an ideological campaign being waged against it by self-styled ‘anti-woke insurgents’ belonging to Restore Trust (RT). Last year’s AGM saw the Trust subjected to a well-coordinated campaign by RT.

The Restore Trust campaign began in 2021, in the wake of the publication of a report by the National Trust that highlighted connections between 93 of its historic places and slavery. The dossier of sites linked to ‘colonialism and slavery’ and included Winston Churchill’s former family home, citing the former prime minister’s role in the Bengal famine and his opposition to Indian independence. RT took exception to the report claiming it “presents a strongly negative view of Britain, and which does not properly represent the scholarly consensus.”

Now the RT has a new list of candidates for the upcoming council elections and, this time, they’ve been endorsed by Nigel Farage, who is a family friend of one of the candidates. Earlier this month, seven-time failed parliamentary candidate Nigel Farage said: “I hope that Restore Trust knocks a bit of common sense into what was once the great National Trust.”

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Climate Emergency: The rich have destroyed the planet

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The long-awaited climate-emergency post. I have taken some time to decide what’s necessary to say. This post may be revised and expanded but the main points will remain.

Climate change, the climate emergency or crisis is a fact. The poles are melting, sea levels are rising, seas are turning to acid, polar bears and penguins have nowhere to live. It’s taken repeated record temperatures and a little girl for it to be accepted such was the power of climate denial.

The rich are responsible for having destroyed the planet. They were fully aware of the consequences of their actions but continued regardless. They destroyed the planet for profit, to enrich themselves and funded climate denial. Big oil was aware of climate change and global warming in the sixties and certainly fully aware by the early eighties.

Political parties that deny climate change – right-wing parties like UKIP and Nigel Farage’s Brexit party “In terms of policy, there’s no difference (to UKIP)…” are sucking up to the ultra-rich showing that they present no threat to their interests. ed: many prominent Brexiteers are climate change enthusiasts.

It is safe to assume that the World’s plants and animals do not have a concept of ownership. They do however have as much right to live, to exist. The rich do not own the planet and do not have the right to destroy it.

Unless you’re filthy rich, it’s unlikely whatever you do is going to make any noticeable difference. It is the rich who have superyachts and private jets. It is the rich who fly abroad for meals. It is the rich who travel with entourages. It is the rich that own private islands.

There is an exception – a secondary lesser class of human that is climate-dirty: those who travel a great deal especially those that commute by airplane. People who fly regularly are climate-dirty.

A wider issue: the rich are in charge. Wars are conducted at their behest and for their benefit. The whole bullshit narrative of terrorism and consequent anti-Muslim racism is for them. It is their bullshit narrative to divide and control, to weild their influence. There is one main nation-state behind terrorist attacks, often aided by another one or two nation-states with police and intelligence agencies playing along with it, turning a blind eye. Terrorist attacks are often timed for political objectives of no advantage to Islamists. You have to be really stupid to believe that a disabled old man could achieve so much from a cave in Afghanistan and that it didn’t provide the excuse for yet another war for the dirty black stuff.

edit: I am aware that I have power and influence which I tend to regard as transitory and temporary. The climate emergency is a big deal and I am laying the blame exactly where it belongs.

later: I need to write about corporate climate destruction while this post is about lifestyle climate destruction. Corporate solar exploration appears particularly futile and climate destructive. Trips to outer space for the rich? ed: It’s space tourism for the rich to further destroy the planet.

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The unaware, ignorant UKIP biggot …

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aren’t they Conservative or Lib-Dem?

Well there are slight differences

The (possible) point is that they’re racist, sexist Little Englander biggots.

and the point is if you’re a racist cnut then you’re a racist cnut

and if you don’t like gays then you’re an intolerant homophobe

this is reality like and you are denying reality, holding on to a Victorian vision of England

UKIP are like a century out of date

UKIP have values like fifty years before they were born

Please sir, can I have more?

Smack the child …

Send children up chimneys

Farrage is that stinky stuff liquid from the bottom of dust bins – that really stinky farrage with maggots in

It’s really nasty that this former foreign-exchange dealer is proposing anti-estabishmentism when he and his ‘party’ is totally pro-establishemnt.

He doesn’t really have a party – it’s all about his man in the pub nonsense. Can you find a manifesto? Can the manifesto not be discarded after going to the pub?

Go to the pub. That manifesto doesn’t count any more. I’ve been to the pub.

NF: But I hate Europe and foreigners although I’ve done fantastically well from being a MEP

NF: These Europeans are really nasty (except for my wife)

It’s really nasty really, isn’t it? The politics of hatred. UKIP are following a certain pattern. Isn’t discriminating against ill people similar to discriminating against disabled people? There is a historical precedent.

UKIP: You’re going to have to do better than the biggot in the pub. (and I think that’s all you are)

ed: UKIP are doing very well from pretending to be anti …

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