A comment on rioting and looting

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I have really strange restricted web access at the moment. I was hoping to get some good images. Well FU I’ll publish without them.

Riots and looting has commandered the attention of corporate media.

Take a look at how armoured and defended these riot policemen are.

<image of policeman in full riot gear here >

They’ve got armouring at their forearms, their elbows, their backs, their shoulders, their chests, their privates, their hips, their upper legs, their knees, their shins and their feet. They have crash helmets with visors. W(here)TF are they not protected? As well as that they have shields and big truncheons that they are most definitely not scared to use against democratic non-violent protestors.

Are we supposed to believe that this vallant police force is not able to despatch a few hundred involved in rioting and looting although they are well capable of intimidating and harassing thousands of democratic demonstrators?

<image of a democratic protest attacked by Metropolitan Police Riot police here>

So, if the police are able to violently oppress thousands of democratic protestors, are we to believe that they cannot handle a few hundred rioters and looters?

With their serious riot gear that they employ so that they will not be scratched and their armoured vehicles and their helicopters and their radios. Are we seriously expected to believe that they can’t handle a few hundred rioters … many of which we are led to believe are merely children?


The point is that things like this – to a lesser extent – happen all the time.

What would the police achieve by simply not responding?

  • Dominate the media.
  • Distraction from uncomfortable press like murdering and yet again lying about that murder of someone taking a cab.
  • Distraction from failure to properly investigate phone hacking and related issues of police corruption. That’s what it was about before this nonsense.
  • Police are needed to defend us. We can’t possibly impose cuts on the police …


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