About the spook and an earlier one on 7/7

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On Christmas Eve, I claimed to have discovered a nasty spook. A spook is a term for a spy – somebody who presents a fake image for unsavoury purposes, usually to deceive.

I had had a few drinks so I could be mistaken … but it was wierd. We had been talking only briefly when I realised that I recognised him but I was unsure from where. I told him that I recognised him and then I realised from where. He presents himself totally differently elsewhere with totally different clothing and even a different nationality of accent.

As I say, I suppose that I could be mistaken but when you know somebody visually well, you can recognise them. I hadn’t seen this person for four months or so but I do believe that I recognised him and he didn’t deny it.

I know that this is one of spooks’ techniques because I’ve seen it before. At the bus bombing of 7 July, 2005 there is a white haired man with a strong Blackcountry accent giving statements to television reporters. I recognised him as a spook because he was one of UK’s biggest spooks, working for UK defence company Quinetic at the time. I know he’s a spook because we followed the same course at University.

It was a fake accent but he was exactly where one of UK’s highest spooks would be expected on 7 July, 2005. Spooks must practice the accents. His surname was correct while his first name was not. I’ve published his name elsewhere.

later edit: You may as well have the name. The name is Bryan/Brian Jones.

29/12/12: To be entirely correct: I am aware that he worked for Quinetic 1999-2000.

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I’ve definitly recognised a spook cnut tonight

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I apologise for the non-PC terminology.

I’ve recognised a spook cnut tonight. He has definitely engaged in sexual relations in unsuspecting women. Cnut

edit at 2.50 15/12/2012: What’s happened here is that he’s presented himself at my local pub totally differently but I’ve recognised him from elsewhere. The point is that he’s a total cnut because he’s in a sexual relationship. The woman edit:women clearly is not aware that he is a spook cnut.

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Season’s greetings

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Season’s greetings to all.

Julian Assange made an address from his exile at the Ecuadorian Embassy yesterday saying that he is open to try to resolve his situation and that Wikileaks intend to do much more leaking of documents in 2013.

Assuming that the World doesn’t end today, stopping smoking is always a good New Year’s resolution – that’s assuming that you do smoke of course. I’ve stopped smoking for over five weeks. I suggest that ‘cold turkey’ – simply stopping smoking – is the way to go. If you intend to stop smoking, you need to stop smoking. Patches, pills and anything else is simply not addressing the issue.

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