About the spook and an earlier one on 7/7

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On Christmas Eve, I claimed to have discovered a nasty spook. A spook is a term for a spy – somebody who presents a fake image for unsavoury purposes, usually to deceive.

I had had a few drinks so I could be mistaken … but it was wierd. We had been talking only briefly when I realised that I recognised him but I was unsure from where. I told him that I recognised him and then I realised from where. He presents himself totally differently elsewhere with totally different clothing and even a different nationality of accent.

As I say, I suppose that I could be mistaken but when you know somebody visually well, you can recognise them. I hadn’t seen this person for four months or so but I do believe that I recognised him and he didn’t deny it.

I know that this is one of spooks’ techniques because I’ve seen it before. At the bus bombing of 7 July, 2005 there is a white haired man with a strong Blackcountry accent giving statements to television reporters. I recognised him as a spook because he was one of UK’s biggest spooks, working for UK defence company Quinetic at the time. I know he’s a spook because we followed the same course at University.

It was a fake accent but he was exactly where one of UK’s highest spooks would be expected on 7 July, 2005. Spooks must practice the accents. His surname was correct while his first name was not. I’ve published his name elsewhere.

later edit: You may as well have the name. The name is Bryan/Brian Jones.

29/12/12: To be entirely correct: I am aware that he worked for Quinetic 1999-2000.

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