UK Paedophilia & Jimmy Savile

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A report will be published tomorrow by the Met Police and NSPCC about Jimmy Savile’s paedophilie sexual attacks, rapes of children.

It is three months since the story of Jimmy Savile’s paedophilia broke. Of the very few arrests made since then, most are celebrities. Some are also arrests concerning attacks on adults rather than children.

It should be recognised that Savile is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are attempts to contain and cover-up the extent of  abuse. Search engines are certainly blocking certain sites and articles. There is much more than vile Savile outed as a paedo.

There is much research and fine analyses published online. As always it is far better than the corporate media. If you want to be informed, do some research online.

There is published evidence about that class of people that are typically beyond the law: politicians, barristers, policemen, members of a certain fellowship. I think that I know who Jim Davidson was referring to as the next one LoL (and I thought it meant Lord Oh Lord ;)

Evidence posted online suggests far more than the odd politician. Instead it suggests that paedophiles would do very well to pursue a career in politics and have been very close to prime minister after prime minister – even before Slaggy.

It’s a dangerous game. No prime minister would want to be seen to be protecting paedophiles.

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