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Conservative election poster 2010

A recent news article about the UK’s Conservative and Liberal-Democrat(Conservative) coalition government – the ConDem’s – brutal attack on the National Health Service.

Save our NHS rally: thousands march in health bill protest

Thousands of nurses, midwives, doctors, physiotherapists, and other NHS workers are thought to have attended the rally

The defiant tone was set at the start of Save our NHS rally at Westminster’s central hall when the crowd gave a noisy standing ovation to June Hautot, the veteran NHS campaigner who made headlines last month when she cornered Andrew Lansley as he tried to get into Downing Street for the prime minister’s NHS summit, from which most key medical organisations were excluded.

It was just one of many low points the health secretary has experienced during the health and social care bill’s tortuous and highly charged 14-month progress.

Thousands of nurses, midwives, doctors, physiotherapists, cleaners, porters and other NHS workers were thought to have attended the rally, with marches from the headquarters of the British Medical Association near Euston and St Thomas’s hospital in south London converging on Westminster.



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