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There are a few changes to David Cameron’s cabinet. I was personally surprised that Andrew Lansley is replaced by Jeremy Hunt. It makes me wonder whether Cameron has been reading McCann (or more likely some poor bod in MI5 has been forced to read it and provide a short summary).

Comparatively liberal justice secretary Ken Clarke was replaced by hardliner Chris Grayling, while Caroline Spelman was sacked as environment secretary to be replaced by Owen Paterson, who is pro-fox hunting and a renewable energy sceptic.

Jeremy Hunt was given the job of selling the NHS reforms of outgoing health secretary Andrew Lansley, with Patrick McLoughlin brought in to replace transport secretary Justine Greening, a vocal defender of the government’s commitment not to build a third runway at Heathrow.

But deputy prime minister Nick Clegg rejected claims the reshuffle represented a move to the right, insisting the coalition was ‘anchored in the centre ground’.

‘Right from day one this government was anchored in the centre ground. We’ve got a coalition agreement which is there, which is a tablet of stone setting out what we are going to do,’ said Mr Clegg, who did not make any changes to his quota of five Lib Dem cabinet ministers.

‘That is not going to change. I think the British people want us in the centre ground, they want us where the vast majority of British people are.’ [I think that I notice a repetative theme there.]


Andrew Lansley branded one of the worst health ministers since NHS foundation by union

Andrew Lansley was described today as one of the worst health secretaries since the NHS was formed in 1948.

Health workers’ union Unite said the departure of the “disastrous” Mr Lansley gives an opportunity for a “complete rethink” on the future of the health service.

The union’s head of health, Rachael Maskell, said: “The NHS has been pushed to the brink of destruction by Andrew Lansley – a minister who simply would not listen either to the patients or the professionals. Jeremy Hunt must reflect deep and hard on the errors of his predecessor and seek immediate dialogue with the NHS team and their unions.

“He has the power to slam the door on the increasing privatisation of the NHS.

“Andrew Lansley must rank as one of the worst health secretaries since the NHS was formed in 1948.

“He presided over deeply unpopular bungled reforms which heralded rising waiting lists, £20 billion cuts to services, job losses to thousands of nurses and other health workers, installed an expensive, needless bureaucracy and announced an open sesame to the private firms which put profit before patient care.

“He was also responsible for dramatic cuts to pay and pensions, as well as long-established terms and conditions. NHS staff have had their morale crushed by Lansley’s unlistening and steamroller mindset.

“David Cameron may have shunted him elsewhere, but serious work is needed now to repair the dreadful damage wrought by Lansley and his policies.”


Pro-Assange protesters hack MI5 and MI6 websites

The websites of intelligence services MI5 and MI6 were brought down for an hour yesterday in protest over attempts by the British government to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Sweden.Between 9am and 11.30am the and websites were hit and left inaccessible.

Renowned hacking group Anonymous claimed it brought the sites down using a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, as part of its ongoing #OpFreeAssange (Operation Free Assange) protests.



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