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  • There’s an opinion poll suggesting that the Conservatives would benefit from Boris Johnson being leader rather than David Cameron. The existence of the poll – conducted for Murdoch comic  ‘the Sun’ – suggests that TPTSB are backing the buffoon and widespread general gullability and abysmally poor judgement.
  • Clegg didn’t call opponents to gay marriage bigots. Did he or didn’t he? It has the appearance of a contrived mistake. Yawn. Why gays want to get married is beyond me …
  • Salma Yaqoob quits as Respect party leader following George Galloway MP’s misguided comments on rape in an attempt to support Julian Assange.
  • Why Craig Murray thinks Anna Ardin – Julian Assange’s ‘rape’  accuser – is a liar. [misses a few points / issues to keep it brief]… I have no difficulty in saying that I firmly believe Ardin to be a liar. For her story to be true involves acceptance of behaviour which is, in the literal sense, incredible.

    Ardin’s story is of course incredibly weak, but that does not matter. Firstly, you were never supposed to see all this detail. Rape trials in Sweden are held entirely in secret. There is no jury, and the government appointed judge is flanked by assessors appointed directly by political parties. If Assange goes to Sweden, he will disappear itno jail, the trial will be secret, and the next thing you will hear is that he is guilty and a rapist.

    Secondly, of course, it does not matter the evidence is so weak, as just to cry rape is to tarnish a man’s reputation forever. Anna Ardin has already succeeded in ruining much of the work and life of Assange. The details of the story being pathetic is unimportant.

    By crying rape, politically correct opinion falls in behind the line that it is wrong even to look at the evidence. If you are not allowed to know who the accuser is, how can you find out that she worked with CIA-funded anti-Castro groups in Havana and Miami?

    Finally, to those useful idiots who claim that the way to test these matters is in court, I would say of course, you are right, we should trust the state always, fit-ups never happen, and we should absolutely condemn the disgraceful behaviour of those who campaigned for the Birmingham Six


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