When I used to go to the 24/7 supermarket

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Well, [edit: every time] I’d drive to the local 24/7 big Tesco supermarket and the cops would turn up.

The way of the 24/7 supermarkets is that you’ve go to buy things that are essential and that you’ve not got … like cat food or cat litter for example. You need it but you’ve neglected it. 24/7 supermarkets are wonderful for stopping your cats starving or shitting on the floor.

I had noticed that whenever I went to this big Tescos that the cops were there. It’s not only that actually – when you’re regarded and harassed as a suspected terrorist of the mythical self-destructive type there’s a lot more – the car that you have occasional use of and your home is bugged (for example). The ‘intelligence’ is probably shared worldwide according to Fascist (Neo-Con) policy,

I got a little distracted there. Anyway, getting the cat litter or cat food you don’t have to be there long. The two poor coppers saw me as I was leaving. I didn’t stay for the shitty smell and there were no explosions at Tescos – just the buying of cat food and cat litter.

[4/11/12: I had largely attributed my difficulties catching a bus to the local bus service being incredibly poor … while in truth realising that there was more to it than that. I could wait for hours at a bus stop wondering why so many buses were passing in the opposite direction and not one in my direction. I had suspected that buses were being diverted to prevent me from catching one – it’s just too much to accept that buses exist for others but not for yourself.

The mythical self-destructive type of terrorist seems to hit the nail. The explosives of the 7/7 London explosions are mythical and imagined since they have never been identified – except than by myself that is. To accept the official narrative of the – quite clearly premeditated – murder of Jean Charles de Menezes is to accept him also as a potential mythical self-destructive type of terrorist since he clearly did not have any explosives. He was dressed in a light cloth denim jacket and was not carrying a bag of any sort. The official bullshit at the time was bombs in large plastic containers.

Is there no end to this absolute bullshit?]


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