No more Apologia for now

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Apologia over for now as I’m discovering new aspects every day since I am revisiting these topics. I had hoped that this would happen.

I have a few things to say. I had an anniversary on 31st October – it was ten years since I first attended a protest in Brizzle against the then proposed war against Iraq based on huge lies and deceptions.

Back then – actually less than ten years ago – I used to jump barriers on a huge roundabout on the way back from town and was even known to wear a bulky, padded denim jacket when it was too warm for the prevailing weather conditions.

Paddick’s testimony is interesting because of the timing – it came to light a month after the event – and also a particular ‘Brazilian’ phrase which was used and subsequently multiply denied.

I’ve been reflecting on the Hillsborough disaster and the Jimmy Savile scandal. What they have in common is that the truth eventually came out despite official obstruction. It seems that the truth is also becoming known quicker. Is there also now a far more readiness to disbelieve official sources since they have been so discredited? I’m sure that there is.

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