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Gloucestershire Badger cull ends (after being extended beyond the original end date)

Badger cull halted as ministers admit defeat

Hundreds of badgers have been granted an unexpected reprieve after the licence for the ongoing cull was revoked ahead of time.

Natural England admitted continuing the killing of badgers in the Gloucestershire pilot cull was pointless because there was no chance of their target being reached.

The cull will officially end at 12:00 GMT on Saturday as a result.

It means a planned mass protest in Bristol tomorrow lunchtime could turn into a celebration, charity Care For The Wild claimed.

Nigerian asylum seeker Isa Muazu who was in very ill health following a hunger strike has been subjected to a ridiculous flight by private plane attempting his deportation to Nigeria. A 20-hour round trip via Malta resulted when the plane was ‘unable’ to access Nigerian airspace. It is reported that he has started eating again.


The exact reasons for Muazus return are not yet clear, although it is possible Nigeria would not allow the plane to land in the country.


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