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Gloucestershire Badger cull ends (after being extended beyond the original end date)

Badger cull halted as ministers admit defeat

Hundreds of badgers have been granted an unexpected reprieve after the licence for the ongoing cull was revoked ahead of time.

Natural England admitted continuing the killing of badgers in the Gloucestershire pilot cull was pointless because there was no chance of their target being reached.

The cull will officially end at 12:00 GMT on Saturday as a result.

It means a planned mass protest in Bristol tomorrow lunchtime could turn into a celebration, charity Care For The Wild claimed.

Nigerian asylum seeker Isa Muazu who was in very ill health following a hunger strike has been subjected to a ridiculous flight by private plane attempting his deportation to Nigeria. A 20-hour round trip via Malta resulted when the plane was ‘unable’ to access Nigerian airspace. It is reported that he has started eating again.

The exact reasons for Muazus return are not yet clear, although it is possible Nigeria would not allow the plane to land in the country.


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Politics news allsorts

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Comment and analysis of recent UK politics events.

Image of a badger

Major Tory party donor chosen as chair of government nature watchdog

Like it says but apparently totally coincidental that an investment banker is appointed head of wildlife and nature watchdog, Natural England.

The appointment comes at a sensitive time for both Natural England and the government, which has had to defend itself from accusations from 41 conservation groups that only four of its 25 pledges on environment and nature are progressing well.

Bullingdon Tory idiot Boris Johnson

Tory Bullinger [edit: Bullingdon] idiot employs a cornflake analogy to promote the Tories’ genetic superiority of the ruling elite thesis

“Whatever you may think of the value of IQ tests it is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16% of our species have an IQ below 85 while about 2% …” he said as he departed from the text of his speech to ask whether anyone in his City audience had a low IQ. To muted laughter he asked: “Over 16% anyone? Put up your hands.” He then resumed his speech to talk about the 2% who have an IQ above 130.

Johnson then told the Centre for Policy Studies think tank, which helped lay the basis for Thatcherism in the 1970s: “The harder you shake the pack the easier it will be for some cornflakes to get to the top.”

“… greed [is] a valuable spur to economic activity.”

Image of Royal Mail postboxRoyal Mail shares: Goldman Sachs sets price target of 610p

Goldman Sachs has risked a further escalation of the Royal Mail privatisation row by putting a price target on the shares of 610p despite telling the government that the business should be floated at 330p last month.

Analysts at Goldman said the postal group’s valuation should benefit from an increase in parcel deliveries, despite falling letter volumes.

The investment bank’s 12-month price target of 610p represents an 85% premium on the flotation price, and gave further ammunition to those critics of the privatisation who argue the government sold off Royal Mail too cheaply.


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