Can I do my own eulogy? (CONTINUING and subject to ammendment until someone does a real one)

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Well why not?

There’s been loads of crap spooks about me lately. They are very lacking in imagination and intelligence. They are just crap steryotypes, empty crapiness.

Back to the eulogy,

I’ve done it already. I am sincerely sorry to all those that I have hurt that were my lovers. I also sincerely apologise to all those people that did not deserve my wrath. There are a few incidents in ‘Chelsea’ that I want to particularly include in this apology. I am sorry.

I’ll get on with my own eulogy later although I hope that it is accepted that I have never been deliberately a cnut to anyone. I have tried not to be a cnut.

Pissed. I don’t intend to die soon. I need to do some serious sailing firsrt.


What do you think should be my eulogy?

Was a political activist

28/3/14: My eulogy is not important because I will be dead. A eulogy is usually nonsense anyway and I hope to die in some distant place where it will never even be noticed. I’m sorry that I’ve been unfair to people, I’m sorry that I’ve hurt people. I didn’t mean to unless they deserved it.

later: and I apologise since I think that I may have been out of order in a very recent since hidden post


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