You have to be 25 before you’re considered to be shit

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You’ve got to be 25 before you’re considered to be shit

in UK now

edit: Before then you’re not even shit

further edit: Because you have no money you don’t count

further further edit: You most certainly count to me

edit: What’s this Fascist bollox that there is this arbitrary 25 years old nonsense? Fuck off. 25 years? Well just fuck off!

25 years? Fuck off now

edit: It looks like all these suppermarkets are well out of order refusing to sell alcohol to 18 year olds. I suggest that you refuse to move from the checkout until they sell it to you. Fuck em, Fascist Scum

edit: Supermarkets should comply with the law. Why are they discriminating against people under 25? Fuck off Supermarkets, 18 year olds are adults who are legally entitled to buy alcohol. Allow 18 year olds to buy alcohol immediately. edit: er, or else.


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