C’mon then. Let’s do the Truth Game

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When I was first at University. Actually it was at a Polytechnic which was later called an University (but it was still very crap since we are doing the Truth Game).

So the point is that us students who were in our late teens and early twenties at the time would do the Truth Game which was not really a game. We would often be drunk which was probably far better for the Truth Game and what would happen is that we would be totally truthful. We’d be drunk and take turns in telling the truth


Well it’s obviously very ***what?*** that ppl regard my comments in such high regard. Well I do consider my comments and think that I at least able to think, consider and discriminate. I do think that I’m able to evaluate things reasonably. Having said that I am and always have been a Socialist – by which I mean that I care about people far more than letting people rich.

Since this is the Truth ‘Game’ I really don’t like it that I am a suspected terrorist. I am instead a political activist.

I believe that terrorism is used to control people through fear.

Do you really believe that a man in a cave in Afghanistan …? Does anyone really believe that nonsense?

Anyway, since we are doing Truth, terrorists are people that oppose governments. C’mon haven’t you noticed (Snowden) how really governments are the terrorists?

There’s nothing wrong with opposing governments. That’s what political parties do. They compete to be the government.

I want it understood without any doubt here: UK police regard me as a suspected terrorist because (later edit: despite) I am a political activist engaging in totally legal and legitimite democratic activity.

It’s truth. F it while we’re on religion that pisses me off too. It’s the Truth Game. Why tf can’t you be your own gods? Well you obviously are. You don’t need a dog


10/4 3.10am or so

Garlic is very good. I eat loads of garlic and it works well. Try it.


It does amuse me that so many people are watching this blog so intently. Hi.

Hi and good morning


03.40 or so

What I’d like to do is just get on with my life. I would appreciate if you would just get on with your lives. I have achieved my clearly stated intention of years ago that I wanted to discriminate reality from bullshit. Now I would like to get on with my life. That’s not to say that I will not be politically active because there are quite obviously huge Capitalist attacks on people. Since this is Truth I am an anti-Capitalist.

and I want nothing to do with those that have ridiculous secrets and actually not so secret codes  [later edit: I get the impression that these people want to be associated with people who accomplish more than is usual.There’s more to it than that. But – and I really don’t like starting a sentence with a but hate

– however well they’re ‘born’ assimilation is refused.

Assimilation is refused

It’s Truth here, the Truth ‘game’. That’s where we are. I am so pissed off at the crap I endured when I was much younger AND nobody should endure such crap because of you.

C’mon shall I just say how it was? You were total cnuts. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. You are cnts. I’ve stated that clause 50 no longer applies. This is truth.

You treat people like shit. How are you going to be regarded?

There’s actually far more to it than that e.g. what is expected /


I am a Socialist and an anti-Capitalist. I on the side of the poor, the oppressed victims of Capitalism. I am opposed to the rich exploiters and polluters of this World.

04.18 am or so. Other people have got to take my place

5.50 We’re still doing the truth game.

I had a hard time when I was young and it always seemed to be because of ‘you’. You were cnts at every turn when I tried to improve my position. Fkin aspiration they call it now. I hate starting a sentence with and. And what was it against me?

Assimilation is refused


That’s Foxtrot Oscar


I haven’t even started on the Blairs …


22/6/14 day after Solstice but FM I wrote that

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