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OK calmed down a bit now …

I was watching a youtube vid about the great secret of Freemasonry yesterday. It was a very old, long and boring vid probably originally done in 8mm with the normal USian uncritical acceptance of Christianity.

I only watched, then listened to the first half hour or so of the over two hours. I understand far better now some masons attitude (and that I may have done it repeatedly ;). They’re not all the same of course.

I’ve redone my gateway / firewall / tor relay machine because of the OpenSSL vulnerability. It wasn’t strictly necessary but why not?

I managed to issue a rm -rf /etc/ instead of a rm -rf etc/ which made things interesting. Practice makes perfect and I learned about patching and compiling OpenBSD kernels and the excellent PF firewall. It’s not necessary to recompile OpenBSD’s kernel for the Heartbleed patch but is for others. OpenBSD 5.5 is released 1st May so I can do it all again soon.

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