I’ve got an interview with the state at 11.45 tomorrow (Saturday)

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Well there we go, an interview with the state

I’m surprised that it’s on a Saturday

I’ll be there in the Floral Road  ~ then ~

later: it’s a floral hill or a wount

flower’s hill?

anyway I’ll be there to do something or other

I’ll be okay

Shall we go to the pub?

Race you there

Go on, I haven’t been there for ages. It’s a little astroligal (about stars)

See you there about 1?

Never mind about that

OK see you there, introduce yourself

Might be 1.30 or 2 actually

Please try to insult the spooks better more than me

Fit I have a good time

Is that F It ?

Actually, wasn’t it Netanyahu that wrote these books that started this whole war on terrorism bullshit ? Who did that serve?

edit: spooks are for me quite an entertainment but also a pain

obvious spooks are really good fun and entrertainment

and then ….

spooks are fun and then as soon as they stop being fun … then they’re spooks

If you’re far more popular than usual … what’s that about?

spooks: two of them


I’ve had it me and my mate out. Sat at a table. Two gorgeous (unknown to us at that time spooks) can we sit here? Then another 2 male spooks sit down. F m or us. That’s how they do it. Let’s talk about revo;


Beautiful woman comes to the house: I want to monitor your water quality (and plant a bug). I know that’s how it works in Bristol area

Met Pol as well as others have some very nasty (killing) equipment. C’mon wake up. There is no easy way to say this – catch up.


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