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7 July 2005, the day of the London murders.

Image of Kingstar van at Tavistoc Sq 7 July 2005

Central to understanding the London bombings is the bus at Tavistoc Sq. Why is there a Kingstar van in front of the bvs? What does that mean?


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  1. Ingvar Árnason

    the (Van),
    the (7/7 London Bombings).

    1. dizzy

      Thanks for your comment. Apologies that I didn’t notice it earlier. There are hardly ever any comments on this blog except for the c.diff post – I wonder if the blocking of comments has been lifted.

      Looking at the image again it looks like KingstarT. Strange that it’s been touched up orange to suggest a blast at the front of the bus (on the right) and the centre as well as at the back.

      edit: The T is a Taw cross – the original cross. Tau is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

      1. dizzy

        Thanks. I understand. The circumstances were not what they had intended but they went with what they had prepared regardless.

        The Tau cross is the type the Nazarite would have been nailed to. Ed: Not sure that he was a Nazarite, the one from Nazareth.

      2. dizzy

        The ad on the side of the bus features a bottle of ‘Coke’. The touched-up orange burnishing at the centre, left and right appears in the original ad. Cocaine is commonly referred to as coke.

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