It’s obvious

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that I’m going to have to publish a leaflet saying that I am regarded as a potential terrrist

because I am a totally legitimite and legal political activist

I will deliver it locally

to all these people who fully appreciate

that I am only a terrrist because I oppose

the official total bullshit

ed: I expect that it will be easily undertood

edit: I mean that I will deliver it locally to make people aware of political oppression

Since my neighbours obviously know that I am not an **** terrrist

edit: No the idea is

That I am a political activist engaging in totally legitimite political activity. Get it?

ed: I should have said

The reality is

ed: Shall we have a draft?

I am your neighbour. Because of my totally legal and legitimite political activities

I can be shot without any warning

Authorities have decided that they can kill me because I oppose them

They will call me a potential terrrist

because I argue against terrrism bullshit

ed: I have been aware for many years that I am regarded as a potential terrorist – the imaginary self-exploding type

It is so unreasonable and anti-democratic that reasoned critiscm of the bullshit terrorism narrative results in this. Don’t you see that everyone who opposes Neo-Con bullshit is called a terrrist?

I Call it Neo-Con bullshit.

ed: Fascsim does not and cannot allow critisism (dissent)

Democracy does and can

ed: It’s not the blog post I intended for today but then it is what I feel.

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