I’ve had it all my life …

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It may not have been all my life

but it certainly feels like all my life


I have been watched by

the police or plus+ police

That’s the truth

… Since I was a kid of 10 or so

I have been continuously watched by police+

… If I was in another totalitarian state

hopefully, they would be less efficient / capable


To be honest, they were very crap years (20-30) ago

but why, it’s just an absolute, total waste of everything

It used to be much easier to see them ~ because they were there or the landline telephone would play up.

This bullshit about being a suspected terrorist – apart from the Mossad murder of Jean Charles de Menezes – …

Well, back then I was unfound on the Police National Computer – I didn’t come up and any copper that searched for me had a visit

I was unsearchable despite having a (minor) criminal record. I was unsearchable under Blair ~ why do you think that is? (think God)

How on Earth can coppers not find me on PNC? It must be because I was removed, and therefore special.

I think that I am special :)

But the point is HTF do I have get a special PNC status?

To be unsearchable … and a special visit – why are you searching him? almost said Him

cos that’s obviously special

like an outlaw

I admit that I am very prejudged about people in UK that wear cowboy hats despite them usually being very short and having a horse deficit

C’mon I know how I get that special status – is because another claims it. Is obvious no?

Oh, they’d have to be able to change PNC …

They’d have to be quite something or other



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