BBC Word Service … not to be taken seriously

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I’ve just been listening to it.

It’s not to be taken seriously … it’s comedy.

BBC World Service is financed by the foreign office – it’s BS  (that’s the stuff that comes out of the back of cows)

Also the stuff that comes out of the mouths of British politicians – Conservative, Liberal-Democrat (Conservative) or Labour (Conservative)


I do despair that you – perhaps not you – are so willing to swallow this BS propaganda. I’ve been shouting at my radio with all this IS(IS) BS. Can’t you discern that it’s nonsense?

The Scottish Independence Referendum …

Yes, Scotland had every aspect of the state against them. Still, 45% of 8 or 9% of the UK population are pissed off and want out. I’d say that 30-40% of UK population are fantastically pissed off. This is where UKIP are coming from – it’s not wanting independence from Europe – c’mon get real – it’s a real felt pissedoffness. I am open to employment as a consultant (and that’s ££s to buy my yacht ;)

UKIP support doesn’t realise that they are supporting Neo-Con scum, that they are supporting a party that is essentially indistinguishable from from the Conservative, Noe-Liberal, Labour party that shares the same class twice.

Ed Balls, PPE … you could call him very co-operative with the Neo-Cons

Can’t we just accept that the political class is exactly that – a class apart that has no interest in representing anyone except themselves?

They’re all the same. They’re from the same background. They’ve all gone to paid (public) schools. They’ve all been born privilege. They’ve all been to Oxford or Cambridge. You know … they’re all cnuts who don’t understand anything.

This is why we’ve had the bedroom tax. This is why rich cnuts are getting richer and poor people are really fkcing struggling.

It’s because they’re rich cnuts who have no idea what it is to struggle. They’ve never had that.

Boris Johnson, Giddeon (George) Osborne … what useless fkcing cnuts …


What are they good for? A lumpy doormat perhaps? Actually, perhaps a whipping boy?

ed: WTF is the Co-operative Party – Co-op shops. Why on earth is the Co-op supporting this shit?

Ed Balls. Why on Earth is the Co-operative Party supporting the Neo-Con siht Ed Balls?

Ed Balls followed the same university course as David Cameron, Ed Miliband and David Miliband. They are literally from the same class. [perhaps a year or two later but the point is they are the same Neo-Con sihts].

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