Going to my fav pub tomorrow

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It all comes at once when you have an allotment

You’ve missed the strawberries

I’ll have a load of spuds tomorrow

and you’re welcome to them

I try to be organic (slug(s) are also organic)


I#ll have quite a few spud(s) to give away

cos I’m like that

Be good to be eaten

later: It’s only potatoes. Please calm down.

Look, I’m sorry I didn’t remember that this has got a particular significance for you.

Isn’t it only an example?

I understand that it’s transformation

You can make wine, brew beer …

Change the World? Isn’t that magick?

Did you just want one?   ;)

I’ll be casual about it – I’ll just leave bags of spud(s) about

5.30 in the afternoon, you are welcome to join me

ed: 8.30 am I also grow onions, leeks and pumpkins

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