How to successfully treat a Clostridium Difficile Infection: Self-report of a trivial and successful C.Diff intervention

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At your own risk: I have not had medical training, which may be a distinct advantage

Please see the Latest treatment recommendations.

Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff) is a nasty superbug that ruins peoples’ lives. C.Diff is a normal part of many people’s microbiota (bugs in their guts) without causing any problems. It is also caught from medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. C.Diff is a problem following the use of antibiotics: C.Diff becomes dominant once the microbiotic balance is disturbed.

Clostridium Difficile has two forms: an anaerobic form that exists inside the body and spores that can survive in an aerobic environment i.e. outside the body. The spores are how C.Diff spreads. The spores germinate as a response to bile fluids and thereby infect or re-infect a host person.

Image of magnified Clostridium Difficile.

Clostridium Difficile spores are sealed as protection to an aerobic environment. This protection is often called a biofilm although I have also seen the term biofilm used in different ways (e.g. like the stubborn, dirty marks that need to be cleaned away). C.Diff spores are able to survive for many months in an aerobic environment because of this sealed protection e.g. a hospital floor, and are resilient to many cleaning agents i.e. everything except chlorine bleach and possibly steam.

The common symptom of Clostridium Difficile infection is frequent, watery diarrhoea typically with about ten episodes a day. You can be fairly certain if there is also recent use of antibiotics. The infection can progress to damage the colon and many people die from complications like toxic megacolon, sepsis, pseudomembranous colitis, etc. The large intestine (colon) becomes damaged.

Warning: The last thing you want to do in the case of Clostridium Difficile Infection is use normal diarrhoea treatments like loperamide (Imodium). That can lead to nasty conditions like toxic megacolon.

I devised a treatment plan after being told that I had tested positive for C.Diff. It was either that or take yet more antibiotics that may not work. I wanted to attack C.Diff in many ways and it seems to have worked with huge success i.e. within 48 hours.

Image of Diatomaceous Earth

The treatment is Turmeric (Curcumin), Charcoal and Diatomaceous Earth. Turmeric is recognised as a powerful medicine for all sorts of things. Charcoal is typically used in cases of poisoning. It binds to many nasty substances and then ejects them from the body. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is hard silica in intricate shapes. DE is expected to damage the protective sheath around C.Diff spores and assist in ejection from the body. It is also expected to abrasively clean the inside of intestine walls dislodging C.Diff spores as well as other detritus. Make sure that it’s food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

I took huge doses of all three items. I used simple Turmeric powder from the grocers and stirred teaspoons of it into water. I bought 100 Charcoal tablets which I used in two and a half days. I used teaspoons of DE in water. I repeatedly took these and was cured in two days.

I also drank large quantities of brandy and nice foreign lager and consumed quite a bit of honey of an acceptable standard. NB Many honeys are known to have antibiotics in them – avoid Chinese and honeys from undisclosed sources.

12.50 edit: These 3 items are ridiculously cheap and typically regarded to be benign so there is no reason not to continue taking them. [ed: There are warnings that Charcoal can inhibit the action of drugs.] Please refer to this treatment regime as dizzy doctor.

ed: You could also progress to using Probiotics especially Saccharomyces Boulardii in an attempt to regain a healthy and protective gut flora.

Turmeric or Charcoal may work on their own. I found DE not to work on it’s own although it is useful to minimise the severe symptoms. Why not use them in combination if they work so well?

13/1/17 Modern medicine considers the absence of symptoms to be C.Diff infection (CDI) cured. It is accepted that the patient may still be colonized but shows no ill-effects. This treatment certainly achieves that very quickly. In my own case it appears that I should also address the additional burden of excessive drinking.

While I support the NHS, I do not have blind faith. The NHS is so vast that there are sure to be mistakes and bad practice. I am concerned that a GP prescribed Clindamycin – widely recognised as the worst antibiotic for causing CDI – and [ed: then] Clarithromycin shortly days after symptoms of very severe CDI. CDI – or at least what CDI develops into – is often fatal. I would say that GPs at my practice have ignorantly gambled with my life.

27/1/17 I think that this treatment is only managing the symptoms – there’s no repopulation of the guts with good bacterias & that may be difficult with the Charcoal tablets. I’ll be taking Kefir to accomplish that.

30/1/17 I think that I am properly over it now (although I am assuming that I am still colonised i.e. still have it without causing any health issues). No symptoms for two or three days and actually constipation. It took about three and a half or four weeks to get properly over it. I was over it before using the Kefir but expect to use the Kefir regularly.

6/2/17  Latest treatment recommendations.

The probiotic yeast S. Boulardii can dispatch C. Diff.

  1. Recognise C. Diff infection from about 10 episodes of very watery diarrhoea daily following a course of antibiotics.
  2. I found it difficult to source probiotics and even Charcoal from local pharmacists. Source your S. Boulardii.
  3. While waiting for the Boulardii, take Turmeric, Charcoal and Diatomaceous Earth as best you can. Turmeric powder is sourced from a grocer’s shop and will probably work on its own.
  4. At your own risk: Once the Boulardii is sourced, take huge doses e.g. 4 tablets, 5 times a day for two days. There are warnings about Boulardii should you have other health issues.
  5. Boulardii doses can be reduced but not stopped. Take a maintenance dose of probiotics or Kefir for months.

This treatment protocol should cure C.Diff in only a few days. There are published accounts of Boulardii working within days.

Enjoy good health ;)


30/10/17  Had a bout of diarrhoea again despite regularly taking Kefir. 5 Boulardii tablets stopped it immediately i.e. within 2 hours. I’ll continue the tablets for a few days. [31/10 Kefir certainly helped, it wasn’t too serious. You don’t get this shit on other blogs ;)

31/10/17 Conventional medicine is promoting exactly the opposite of a cure for the serious issue of Clostridium Difficile Infection. CDI is caused by antibiotics disturbing healthy gut microbiota. The vast majority of your guts’ various bacteria are eliminated so that C.Diff has less competition. For treatment, conventional medicine then promotes antibiotics that again kills virtually everything except C.Diff. If that doesn’t work … more antibiotics that kills virtually everything except C.Diff … ad infinitum.

It raises the question what else has conventional medicine got totally wrong? I suspect that the answer is a great deal but that antibiotics use may be the main one. Doctor dizzy advises that antibiotics are avoided as much as possible. I repeat At your own risk: I have not had medical training, which may be a distinct advantage.

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  1. Leanna Ramer

    I came across your blog tonight while searching for cures for c diff. I currently am battling c diff. Have been for almost a year. I took Flagyl for 20 days and it did nothing. I quit taking it back in September 2017. Here it is January and I’m still battling. I’m trying to avoid enemas because, honestly, I’m afraid. I’m going to try your methods.

    1. dizzy

      Hi Leanna, Apologies for the delay in approving your comment. I get very few comments on this blog and forget to check. Boulardii is the key. Hope it worked for you

  2. Vivian / help

    My husband on dialysis /PD/at home
    Just wondering would this help him
    He was vomiting while taking antibiotics to get rid of C-diff. Been searching praying and searching web for natural help.

  3. Jessica

    Smart gut biome testing may be the way to monitor and document your progress when treating your gut.

  4. Sheila Ber

    Thank you so very much for your kind efforts to educate readers who suffer from this terrible condition. I’ll try your recommendations, and hopefully it will improve my situation.
    You are right about Doctors who prescribe antibiotics, without taking any responsibility for the consequences. Most have tunnel vision, and all they know is to memorize medications to prescribe endlessly.
    Thanks for helping others in putting together all the above information. It is very much appreciated.
    God bless you!

  5. Angella Holland

    My 19yr old daughter is going through c-diff right now. What brand of Boulardii would you recommend?

    1. dizzy

      Apologies for the delay in approving your comment – I get so few comments on this blog that I often don’t check. I don’t have a recommendation for any particular brand and expect that effeciency is probably related to how it has been stored. Suggest you keep it refrigerated and try a different one if it doesn’t seem to be working.

  6. Amanda

    Hi this was really interesting to read. Do you have any advice on how to avoid future reoccurrences. I am a year clear of cdiff after antiboocs and fmt, I take probiotics but seem to get tummy bugs and anxiety since. I think it’s due to all the scary things I read about it. But your blog was positive. Thanks.

  7. Patricia Pilarski

    Hi there, my 5 year old daughter has had C Diff for 6 months. I totally agree s. boulardii is key to keeping the disease at bay. I give her a capsule (contents mixed in a smoothie) twice a day. I recently backed this off to once a day (the recommended dose) and within three days the C Diff was back with a vengeance. Also use lactobaccillus GG, this fights c diff too. These probiotics will keep c diff in check but it will still be there in spore form, waiting for good conditions to spring back to life. Don’t give it the opportunity, keep up the probiotics. Alternatively, research getting a fecal microbial transplant. This is apparently the only way to eliminate c diff for good. I agree medical qualifications may be a hindrance. I had to research my own way to a diagnosis and treatment for my daughter, despite seeking help at all stages from doctors, hospitals, specialists. My best wishes to anyone with c diff – heal yourself x

    1. Deborah Waite

      Are you cdiff free still??

      1. dizzy

        I don’t think that I am C.Diff free and instead think that it is part of the mix of my many gut bacteria. I think that the medical or scientific term for this is that I am colonised by it. It doesn’t cause me any difficulties, I used to take Kefir regularly but have decided recently that I am content with my own gut mix of bacterias.

        edit: There are a huge number of different bacterias in the gut, C.Diff is a problem when it becomes dominant.

  8. Karr

    Just wanted to know if someone has added DE to their daily eating habits after having C-Diff & getting over C-Diff & is still ok? It didn’t come back? How long did You add it so far to Your eating foods & do You just take the DE by itself? I am C Diff free now for 10 weeks after participating in a Clinical Trial Study taking FMT capsules/it’s a 24 week program but I was tested in the 8th week & there was no C Diff in My body-I read about the DE on Amazon/not for C Diff mind You, but for loads of other great things it does so people say & they take it daily by itself/it sounds remarkable, but I bought the food grade to use the dust ball for indoor dust mite powder spray & read up that people were actually taking this powder internally each day for hair thinning & nail growth & clearing out Your gut & I thought perhaps it would be good for Me as well because My C Diff w/sepsis (my orthopedic Dr gave Me an antibiotic overdose-4 antibiotics for 2 weeks for an infection that He said that wasn’t infected-He said these antibiotics were to prevent My infection but I didn’t have a clue they were all antibiotics-2 were capsules & 2 were IV’s where I had to go each day for 2 weeks for 3 hours a day interveniously & get these IV’s-He said He was preventing infection-here they were all antibiotics & 2 & 1/2 months later I collapse on My Sons floor one morning & rushed to the hospital in an ambulance & had sepsis w/C-Diff! 65 year old Woman in diapers being changed every 2 hrs by strangers “young girls & guys in training” to be nurses” ——anyhow——After going through shear hell & back 2 months later I dropped to the floor in My Own home & passed out again & had it, but came to & had an Amazon Alexa who was programmed to call/dial My Sons cell phone/I told Alexa to call My Son & She did! Off to the hospital I went for another 8 days/this time they put Me on the drug called Dificid which costs a fortune & Youre on it for 10 days & it failed/back on the Vancomycin again but this time 4 times a day & it was starting to work when My Infectious Disease Dr got Me into the Clinical Trial Study that I am in now w/the FMT capsules/they don’t do the FMT colonoscopies where I live anymore/so now since reading about this crazy DE powder that kills bugs outside but is like a miracle powder inside I wanted to know if any C Diff person experienced great results w/taking it but just by itself? I couldn’t take it w/the turmeric/the sepsis along w/the C-Diff ate through My intestines a hole that they almost removed all of my intestines & gave Me a bag but fortunately My intestines have slowly healed so I don’t do spicy just everything bland & boring so as not to aggravate My intestines———I would like to know so I can ask My Study Dr about trying this DE because I would love to start growing My hair back & feeling better! Thank You.

  9. Kay

    In your opinion, is it necessary to continue any one or all of these three things after being healed with no symptoms to prevent flare-ups?

  10. Monica

    Hello, I had a bad C-diff infection in 2011 that went undiagnosed for months. I had had a colonoscopy in which the Dr perforated my colon. This led to hospitalization and huge amounts of broad spectrum antibiotics, which led to C-diff. After finally being diagnosed, it took weeks of Vancomycin and probiotics to heal me. At that time, I was 40, dropped down to 75 lbs, thought I was going to die.

    11 years later, severe problems with acid reflux, been on 40 MG of omeprazole for about three weeks along with some liquid antacid. After having three days of watery diarrhea it occurred to me that I have C-diff again. Can you suggest a daily regimen to kill off the c-diff? Anyone with a similar experience?

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