It’s Climate Change o’clock

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It’s happened again. I was hoping to post no more politics, going hwylio to watch whales and Orcas while I’m still able to. I actually own my own super yacht. No, not a superyacht – she’s a cheap super classic old yacht with sails and a small inboard engine expertly designed. She sails superbly and looks after me. Being a very experienced and competent motorcyclist I draw an analogy between motorcycling and sailing. When you’re learning to ride a bike you’re going to have a few mishaps and that’s certainly happened to me while sailing. The point is that you learn through those mishaps and can only gain experience through experience.

Since insulting the rich I’ve noticed some changes to my internet experience. Tor is getting blocked and it’s affecting SSL encryption over http. Encryption is targetted.

Insulting the rich is not a crime as far as I’m aware and is instead a legitimate political perspective and argument. The rich are not used to being insulted of course and are instead repeatedly told that they are wonderful and great.

There is an attempt to personify the anti-Capitalist vs. anti-anti-Capitalist debate and the related Capitalist campaign to usurp democracy and steal oil again. The message is far bigger than me and out there everywhere. I am one independent, solitary political blogger. WTF is Richard Branson doing involved in this?

It’s Climate Change o’clock and we need to transition to a new form of politics for the sake of the planet and it’s inhabitants. We really are all in this together.

The planet can’t afford such an unequal distribution of wealth, big oil, wars and the arms trade, nuclear power, such extreme, unnecessary and futile transport and transportation, privately owned islands or superyachts. It’s only a very tiny minority that benefits from all this nonsense at the expense of the planet.

Brexit is all about deregulation so that a vast swathe of laws and regulations can be torn up and burned. It’s for the rich and powerful to become more rich and powerful at the expense of everyone else. Dirty money and psyops stole the Brexit referendum. Economists are almost unanimously agreed that it is and will be disasterous for the UK economy for many decades. Forgive me, I thought that governments were about – or at least should be about –  ensuring stability and continuity. I can see it being disasterous for the UK Conservative party for generations.

[anti-anti-Capitalist is not my term but is correct.]

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